Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Erection Day" quote from Bobby Subgum via Jimmy Krenn from WDVE Pittsburgh PA!

Howdy (Texas greeting this morning!) Dear 3 1/ darlings, we know that Pammy doesn't like really deep thoughts but I really feel the need to share how much I enjoyed this last "Election Season"  It seemed a bit like deer hunting to me, you stalk your prey and then shoot right between the eyes and try to drop that sucker!  Now this is not about my political views as they are really fairly boring, but about Election Tactics..I adored, no lived for every new commercial endorsed by some political candidate.  I loved it almost and my weekly "Supernatural" fix as it had as much drama, and as much as "The Big Bang" cause I laughed my ass off.  I adore the mud slinging. Now during all this mud slinging I often though WWALD, What would Abe Lincoln Do??? Now poor honest Abe had much mud slung at him, we just didn't have TV and the Internet to enjoy it on.  I adore Abe, what of my favorite presidents (yes, I'm old, but I don't remember that election!)  and one of my favorite historical icon's.  They called his wife a "Southern Sympathizer" and accused her of "dabbling in the Occult" .  Now what prompted this for me was the commercial against Joan Orie Melvin (I think that's her name) well, as well as talking about her legal problems and what a nasty ass person she was because she supposedly used her office phone for personal gain they also said she basically delved into the Occult.  Now, perhaps in her life she attended a slumber party as most young girls do, and there in a darkened basement or family room we all sat with a candle trying to contact the spirit of JFK or Marilyn Monroe!! I wonder who kids today try to contact, Anna Nicole Smith or Kurt Cobain?   Now personally I always thought we should have tried to read Elvis and ask why he decided to kick on the white wishing well.  Anyway, how do they know she dabbled in the occult.  Did someone from that last slumber party talk?  I guess that makes us all dabblers in the occult! The only commercial I loved better than that was one that I saw from the Canadian election and it talked about how rotten this poor schmuck is but then they ended it with a clip of kids playing soccer and some poor boy got smacked in the face by the ball and then the statement was made or so "kicks children in the face" Lordy I fell of my chair laughing, something gentle readers our Canadian friends are used to.  P.S. there I love Canadians, some of my best friends are Canadian, I like their Bacon and their Falls.  Back to the mud slinging...they did that to poor Nancy Regan in the 80's or "Balloon Head" as Jimmy Krenn and Scott Paulsen used to call her.  She "consulted" her psychic for important decisions.  She also talked to Frank Sinatra...did that make her a "supposed" member of the Cosa Nostra?? Now again I loved Frank and have no idea how he conducted most of his personal business, I just know he was a shit to poor Mia Farrow in the 70's!  So now dear 3 1/2 election season is over and all I have to look forward to is Thanksgiving and Christmas and to be honest the commercials are not as good.  Well...I must give you a fun fact that ties into election day...did you know why we vote on a Tuesday in November??? here's the answer " As for Tuesday, people used to have to travel overnight to their polling location. (In 1845, horse was the preferred method of transport.) In an effort to avoid religious days of rest, Congress chose Tuesday, leaving Monday and Wednesday as travel days. Tuesday was voting (and horse-resting) day"! So we got where we were going, everyone rest their horses.  My random thought for the day is so random that I can't hold onto it!  Perhaps that is my random thought...write things down.  So love ya all (still channeling Texans who still get a bum rap cause young Georgie Bush was their Governor!)  Everyone have a great weekend....see ya on the flip side....xoxox Pammy (aka Abe Lincoln's biggest fan!)

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